My name is Dale Finley
My exposure to art began in my childhood living in Northeast Ohio where our next door neighbors' grandfather lived with them. In their backyard they had a work shed where "Grandad", as he was know to everyone, stored his three wheel motorcycle and used as a make shift painting space. I would visit him there from time to time to watch him paint, and occassionally work on his motorcyle. Those happenstance sessions sparked an interest to paint.

Recently, his great grandson shared one of Grandad's paintings with me.
Oddly, some 50+ years later I vaguely remember him working on this piece.
Signature in bottom right corner - "Grandad".

Grandad Baker, likely from late 1960's
With no access to formal training at that age I did the best with my limited understanding and readily available materials. I made my own frames and streched old table cloths as canvas. My sister kept one of my earlier works in which you can see those crude efforts.
One of my earlier efforts using an old tablecloth as canvas
Trained as an industrial designer (BS Industrial Design, Kent State University) I enjoyed a full career designing and marketing various plastic “functional packages” including child resistant packages – yes, those which adults struggle to open. The curriculum emphasized  various  rendering techniques with focus on perspective, proportion and line drawing. And, although at the time I questioned the relevancy of art history, it exposed me to “fine art”. Specifically, late 19th century Russian and American painters that furthered my interest in painting. Those works are as intriguing to me today as they were then.

Free of commercial responsibilities I’m at liberty to simply pursue “art for art’s sake".  A welcome juxtaposition of a singularly produced oil painting vis a vis mass produced packaging components. My manner of painting is colored by those 19th century artists that ideally imparts a loose realistic quality. Mixing that influence with content derived from a moment of observation I look to draw attention to the interesting compositions found in everyday settings.  I trust viewers find my works easily relatable, evocative and delightful to the eye.

Education and Training

B.S. Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Scottsdale Artist School, Scottsdale, Arizonia

Gratefully encouraged by local Nashville artists Dawn Whitelaw & Kevin Menck

Professional Memberships

National Association of Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society (

American Impressionist Society (

The Chestnut Group (

Awards and Recognition

Featured Artist - Fine Arts League of Cary 25th Annual Juried Exhibition at Page-Walker Arts Museum, Cary, North Carolina March 2020

Seleceted Artist - MBA Art Show, Nashville, TN, November 2019

Award of Excellence - National Association of Oil and Acrylic Painters Society International Exhibit 2019

Featured Artist - Indigo Gallery, Anderson, SC, September 2019